In my perfect world

~ Inside In My Perfect World ~

Here you are going to find posts and posts of how everybody else ‘out there’ is keeping it together, looking good, eating healthy and just plain lovin’ life.

If I could wave a wand and make my perfect come to life, in no particular order it would look something like this,

Matching crockery/dinner set with no chips or cracks that would cater for a largest family Christmas party I have even thrown.

Keeping on with the ‘matchy, matchy’ theme I would own coloured coordinated bath towels and bed linen.

I would have a wardrobe that fitted properly, was colour complimentary to my skin tones and my yoga pants would actually go to yoga.

Sugar, grains, bad oils and processed foods wouldn’t exist, unless it was camouflaged in chocolate then that’s ok.

Coffee, wine and chocolate would be on the bottom of the food pyramid.

And on a more serious note – world peace, tolerance, living in harmony, an end to world hunger and good health for all would be an everyday given.

Just a little of how my perfect would look, check back to keep updated on any new blog posts.



Comments Anyone ?

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