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~ Inside Real Estate Talk ~

I am not a real estate agent, architect, house flipper, feng shui specialist or interior designer, in fact I have no clue how to work with a colour palate or what complimenting fabrics means. That is what HOUZZ is for.

What excites me is “walking through” all the homes online and sourcing out what a functioning floor plan looks like.

It makes no difference to me if you live in a castle or an apartment the size of a WIR.  If you are utilising your space to its best advantage I wanna “walk through” it and see how it works.

I am currently living in our eleventh (we flipped land back in 2000, wasn’t our intention) tenth house since 1998 over here in sunny, slightly grey, OMG who are we kidding, bleak and overcast London UK.  Actually living in our twelfth home here in Melbourne Australia – yup! Our expat life came to an abrupt end June 2015. Flick over to here to read all about it.

While I am physically living life in the UK, my heart will forever be in Melbourne Australia and it is a dream of mine to purchase real estate back in my home town somewhere down by the water on the out skirts of Melbourne.

Well, we are currently living in a rental close to the girls schools, we are not 100% sure whereabouts in Melbourne we will find our permanent home – everyday I am across and in the hopes something will jump out through my computer screen and scream BUY ME! BUY ME! We aren’t in any rush, the real estate market in Melbourne in 2015 is mad, mad I tell you, mad! AND if it doesn’t change I am taking my hubby and four girls and moving to the beaches in Far North Queensland opening up a cafe, and calling it a day. (actually that is my hubby’s dream, but I am happy to follow)

Follow along here as I bookmark my dream in the hope to make it a reality.







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