All things Gen Z

~ Inside All things Gen Z ~

In our house, hubby is out numbered, 5 to 1.

God Bless him!

Our beautiful girls arrived between 2001 to 2009, smack bang in the middle of Generation Z.

Four gorgeous daughters, all equally intelligent, beautiful in nature, easy-going (some more than others) and just a pure blessings in our lives.

Somedays I have to pinch myself that this is truly my job.  Have I really been giving the opportunity in life to ‘borrow‘ these young souls and help them travel through life while they call me mum.

How lucky do I feel. TODAY that is!

Ask me tomorrow, and I could be throwing a shoe at them.

If you’ve got Gen Z kids in your house, chances are they’re all doing the same thing.  Snapchat, Instagram, iPods, iPads, (no iPhones for them YET, as much as the eldest two are dying) Mindcraft, YouTube…and on and on and on.

One of our daughters has her own YouTube channel so it would be extremely remise of me if I didn’t acknowledge her work and upload it here for you all to see.  So look out for video’s from  ‘LifeAsLiv’ and give it a thumbs up if it’s your thing.  Well ummm, just as fast as she uploaded her video’s, Liv decided vlogging wasn’t for her.  Liv has kept her channel and may resurrect it in the future.

That’s life as a Gen Z kid I guess.  Move on if it’s not bringing you happiness

Our girls are all across any new apps on the free market.  We don’t have credit cards attached to electronic products so they only surf for the free stuff and there is loads out there. Anything worth mentioning I hope to pass it on here.

Life is pretty easy-going here at our place, our girls are never over scheduled, they have monitored freedom (oxymoron, I know) with their electronics, (harsh consequences stop them from slipping up) our eldest three have a balanced school, sport, inside, outside way of life. The youngest probably spends far too much time on her iPad watching music videos, Barbie videos, Mindcraft videos – you name it, she is across it.

I try to create a healthy relationship with food in our home. Eating in our house is only allowed in the kitchen meals area.  More and more everyday I am replacing our processed food choices with fresh and natural choices.  Nobody in our house will ever be on a diet, and our girls are given the freedom to prepare their own meals when possible.  Whenever we regress to food that comes in packaging, everyone is encouraged to read the ingredients and then it becomes their choice if they wish to eat it or not.  Everyday is a work in progress for making good choices for our bodies and minds.

Parenthood is not a one size fits all type of job, it evolves daily, and so do our kids.  You think every one else is cruising through, chances are they’re just managing to keep their head above water like me and perhaps many others.

So I am sharing/swapping stories in the hope you discover at the end of the day we are all trying to do our best when it comes to raising our Gen Z kids.


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