It is a mess in here

Hey, thanks for sticking around, it’s good to see you again.

In my previous post I was venting my frustrations about losing my momentum and how the little voices inside my head make it extremely easy for me to do NOTHING!

Did you know that each time I write a blog post, I re-read, and re-read it 100 times over. Then I sit with my cursor poised over ‘PUBLISH’ ponder about what the world might think of my latest piece and walk away to complete a mind numbing task like washing the dishes while I think about my post.  Hours later I make a mad dash for my computer and with a big rush of adrenaline PUBLISH the sucker as if my content will be the best the world has.ever.seen!

I recently wanted to make cashew butter in my Thermomix – there isn’t a recipe that could be any easier in Thermie (oh my goodness, I just called it Thermie! WTF!) I re-read 5 different on-line recipe, all stating the same method with minor tweaks – find it all so overwhelming and walk away, never to make my cashew butter.  Some random day later I walk into the kitchen have this out-of-body moment and whip me up some cashew butter without giving it a second thought.

Don’t even talk to me about making the family Christmas gift mixbook calendar for the following year. OMG, this baby sits in my head for months – I investigate the different options, contemplate the theme, have a look if I have enough family photo’s to fill a calendar, get the family to send me their shots and over a course of a month or two (way back in August/September) I try to pull something together.  It all becomes too hard I wave my hands in the air and politely announce to the family that there will be no family calendar this year (insert sad face) Come three weeks out from Christmas I get this badass giddy-up on and produce a calendar that makes hallmark ones look dull and lifeless.  Yeah I might have worked through to 3am to get the results but something inside drives the beast, and the frustrating thing is, that is the same ‘something’ that holds me back to do NOTHING! If only I could get them to talk so it wasn’t so ALL or NOTHING! type of thing.

And this my friend is my ritual across many facets of my life.

Does this make sense to any one?

Now that’s off my chest here’s what I really wanted to talk to you about.

Oh shit, I have run the clock down, so please join me next time for my latest all about nothing instalment.

Love Ya!


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain


I’ve got a tiny little secret to share – 2 weeks left (and I had time to make scones)


Whoop! Whoop! and there goes another week.

We have rounded a bend and moving up into the home stretch.   Too far away to see the finish line, but acknowledge it’s in the not too distant future (like 15 days arrrrgggghhhhhh)

So how is everyone, hope all is good at your end!

Ok, here is a re-cap on yet another week done as we move closer to ‘destination home’.

I am very grateful to say it has been a good week, although my electronic calendar may be telling a different story.  If you were to look at any given date over the last couple of days I am sure you would have thought I was taking part in a gay-pride celebration.  Time is of the essence at the moment and the use of colour for day to day events on the What, Who, When, Where & How is paramount if this is going to work.

I did manage to have a quiet catch up brunch at my house with the few mums I had connected with in the short time we were here.  I feel extremely blessed to have met these wonder women (again from around the globe) and look forward to crossing paths with them somewhere in the world.  They were camera shy, so sorry no photo’s (it was really make believe nobody turned up, JK JK ….just kidding)

Surprisingly I found myself with a spare 10 minutes in the morning before the mums arrived so I whipped up these little beauties. 3 minutes (less really) to prepare and 7 mins cooking time.


Yes I did use my  ever trusted Thermomix and yes you can do it the old fashion way, but really after owning a Themomix for less than twelve months I am pretty sure I won’t go back to anything done the ‘old fashion way’ especially when I am time poor.

I have included the recipe for those cult Thermo followers amongst us – I will highlight that I found the recipe across at Whyisthereair and tweaked it just a little.

Date scones ~ Thermomix Style ~


50grams                        dates
450 grams                     self-raising flour
50 grams                       butter
1/2 teaspoon               salt (optional for me)
1 egg
250 grams                    milk


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 210° C (fan forced 200° C)
  2. Weigh dates into the TM bowl and Turbo pulse for 2 seconds (scrape down TM bowl and place chopped dates aside in separate bowl)
  3. Weigh butter and flour into TM bowl and Turbo pulse for 2 seconds to cut the butter into the flour.
  4. Add dates, egg, salt (if using) and milk and knead on dough setting  20 seconds.  Scrape sides of bowl and knead on dough setting again 10 seconds.
  5. Turn your TM bowl upside down on a floured work surface, release the base and allow the weight of the dough to pull the blade out. Carefully remove the blade from the dough. Gently pat the dough into a thick round and use a desired biscuit cutter, a cup, or a scone cutter to cut out your scones and then place them on a floured or paper-lined baking tray.
  6. Bake 7 minutes or until scones are just golden brown. Remove the baking tray from the oven and place on a cooling rack. Cover your scones with some kitchen roll and a tea towel to keep them moist as they cool. Serve warm or cool with whipped doubled cream, jam, butter whatever you like.



  • no cars sold as yet
  • organise myself for Ronnies 14th birthday celebrations
  • keep across Real Estate rentals in Melbourne
  • UK house has been let – no more house showings, phew
  • Moving company confirmed and booked in, team arrives in 11 days
  • Aussie customs has pretty strict requirements – need to wash down all outdoor furniture, bikes, rain boots, garden equipment etc…
  • mobile phone contract cancelled
  • temporary accommodation in UK booked 2 nights
  • tickets home BOOOOOOKED and confirmed


“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”        ~  Stephen R. Covey