…….did I create The Petite Apple?

They say third times a charm, let’s hope so.

August 2011, Sorrento.Moon was born ~ This first blog version of myself has been an extremely powerful tool for me to use when my head space gets overcrowded.  At SM I get to send a story or message or little family update to the masses all at once.  Whether you read today, tomorrow, or maybe never doesn’t phase me, I just feel so much lighter for being able to offload my thoughts. I am currently still writing at Sorrento.Moon and hope to transform it into a leather-bound hard back coffee table book for our girls to keep & treasure.

November 2011, another blog site was born. ~ Something happened though, it sat on the shelf for almost fifteen months. In March 2013 I managed to revive this blog and run it in tandem with Sorrento.Moon – I didn’t want the people back home to forget about me and I wanted to stay apart of their lives on a more regular basis, so I was inspired to create a site where I would send a Thought Of The Day out into the universe and have it land in everyone’s inbox, that way I would stay connected with everyone back home on a daily occurrence while spreading a little love at the same time. And that my friends is how Celebrate YOU! cards came to be.

So why on earth would I want to go and switch it up with yet another bloody blog site I hear you ask?

I spend a lot of time on the internet, I mean a.lot. What am I doing?  Well I am looking, searching, wondering, googling, solving, peaking, commenting, laughing, crying, browsing, Facebooking, learning, and after a while I start to compare my life with everyone else’s and everyone else  seems to be rocking it.   I feel they make it look all so easy peasy lemon squeezey.

All the top ten blog sites that bounce back with any given google search I do are absolutely amazing.  They have all got it together, show casing their chosen field in the best light.  They appear to have it all worked out.  Their homes look spectacular, their kids never seem to argue, they host neighbourhood parties, they cook the paleo way, they never wear yoga pants, they are across all the different filters on Instagram, and they take holidays every couple of months, and it drives me bonkers.

I can’t seem to find that mum who left her kids lunch box on the bench in the kitchen, where is the family that holidays down in a caravan park, I want to read about the mum that owns more pairs of yoga pants than matching bras & knickers.  I also like to meet the mum that realises it’s been weeks since she washed her children’s bed linen.

The more I live through the wonderful blog sites that are out there, the more I start to feel less then and that’s not a healthy place to be. So if I can’t find that mum who will make me smile because she realises Pinterest is just a fantasy, then I will start my own blog and showcase my real reality without fancy filters, mood lighting or staged furnishings – What you are going to get is me, me, me , me, me.  A 40 something, short arse, who’s shaped like an apple (even though on the inside she thinks she’s an hourglass)

Oh and one more thing. It is absolutely amazing we are in a world that has many, many, many different forms of communications and social media platforms.  Each medium is fantastic at what it does and I believe they all have their place in our networking world.

For me I like the world of blogging, so if you are looking on other streams or other social networks I won’t be there, only here. I mean seriously, could you imagine me trying to say what I need to say in 140 characters or less.  Now that’s funny!

So join along with The Petite Apple here at wordpress.com to stay across my story as it unfolds.

Thanks for reading.






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