BIO – War & Peace Style

I had an exceptionally happy childhood, and I owe it all to my wonderfully relaxed, generous and amazingly supportive mum & dad.

Without a doubt the best time in my life (to date) was my twenties and sometimes I wish I could step back in time to recapture that twenties energy and zest for life I possessed.

Hubby and I are raising four beautiful daughters born between 2001 to 2009.   In November 2009 we left Australia and began our expat life.  We are currently living in London, **UK, prior to that it was Santiago, Chile and before that, life on (the wrong side of) the road, started in Toronto, Canada.

** expat life ended June 2015. Life as I know it now is based in my home town Melbourne, Australia. 


When the expat lifestyle comes to an end, our dream is to ultimately own property somewhere on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia.

Now that I am in my forties, and our youngest baby is at primary school, I am beginning to realise that our girls do not require as much attention and fussing over, so my plan is to try to get out more, create a sustainable income by following my passion (whatever that is) and put myself first without the guilt factor creeping in.  Before long our girls will be off rocking their twenties and nobody wants to be left behind eating their dust.

Quite often I find myself lost and dazed on what my true passion and purpose in life is supposed to look like.  Recognising that I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful hubby, four adorable daughters, good health and family & friends that ‘get me‘,  I can’t help but wonder how to rest of my story is going to play out.

Thank you for taking the time out to learn a little more about me, oh and by the way ~






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