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profile pic 8The Petite Apple ~ that’s me, Denise! born in the 1970’s, and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. Married with four adorable daughters and living in London, UK.  (insert sad face here) we have come full circle and arrived back in Melbourne, June 2015 after 14 years moving about. I am a Stay At Home Mum (Aug 2016 – maternity leave finished) full-time working mum who suffers from severe ‘motherly guilt’ and puts everything on the ‘back burner’ just in case my kids or hubby need me. Now that I am in my 40’s I want to do it differently but have no clue what that looks like, if you have any words of wisdom I welcome your feedback on how to make it look different .  I love to love, I dislike injustice and will always make time to say hello to a stranger.





over here for my War & Peace BIOWHAT and WHY




3 thoughts on “WHO

  1. The Messy Sister says:

    Hi Denise! Thought I would introduce myself. I just recently started blogging on WordPress. This means I have other blogs on blogger that showed a different side of me. I am now blogging as The Messy Sister with one blog post so far…eek! Hoping to meet fellow bloggers and read blogs of real and genuine people with a great sense of humor! I’m a child of the 70’s too! How fun is that?! And guess what…I’m somewhat of a mess. ha ha!!

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