What Happened After I Stopped Drinking Coffee


As I write today I am 44 days free from coffee.

I did it………I mean


I seriously can not believe it to be true.

Morning coffee, catch up coffee, let’s sit and talk about it coffee, one more before we go coffee, cake & coffee coffee!



I hear you having a little giggle at my expense.  I mean it is just coffee that I removed from my life, not something more serious like a “real” addiction, right ?!

Well, not so much.

Coffee was my real addiction for over twenty years and now after being free from it for almost six weeks it is amazing the things I am uncovering about myself.   Not only about coffee and its effects on my body and mind, but coffee in society and coffee within my community and how it has been ruling my head and steering me into making unconscious decision throughout my entire day.

It started like this….Milo


then progressed to Mochaccino’s


then onto Cappuccino’s


over to Latte’s


across to Starbucks Caramelatte (that was your fault Canada)

starbucks caramelatte

and finally I ended back at Cappuccinos and cake (the more decadent the slice of cake the better tasting my coffee was, so I thought)

coffee and cake

If you knew me when I was a coffee addict, you would realise just how far I have come to be 44 days along and not once allowed those brewed beans to cross my lips.

This is big.time.for.me.

Previously I associated everything I did around how I would “fit-in” a coffee to my day.  I mean it had to be good quality coffee that came with a relaxing ambience, in a great location, have a great coffee aroma, bitter free taste, free wi-fi and on it goes.

I guess it was fair to say I was a coffee snob.

Out shopping I would “need” to stop for a coffee.

Out exercising it was important to know I could “reward” myself with a great coffee when I was finished.

Catching up with Mum and Dad after church, it was “important” to have that coffee time to solve world problems and enjoy laughter together.

Coffee appeared to be the glue that made my day come together and I wasn’t happy until I stamped my day with a.good.coffee.break.

Relax, it’s just coffee I hear you say.

Surely I can not be the only one out there that is being affected like this.  I reckon the coffee corporations and their advertising campaigns may have a lot to answer to in the not to distant future.  You know, like the big cigarette companies and dare I say it Coca-Cola (back in the day)

I remember back to when Coca-Cola was big time in my life.  I slurped that brown stuff like it was medicine and convinced myself it made me feel good.

Their advertising campaigns were genius, they tapped into our social need to be accepted and of course drinking coke would make that come true….baaaahaaaaaa

I mean they told us so

coke adds life

can't beat it

share a coke with my bff

And have a look at these beauties, the ad campaigns, that told us how great it was to smoke cigarettes. ARGH REALLY !!!!

change to camels

I mean Physicians told us it’s OK

cigarettes it't toasted

Kirk Douglas got in on it


And former US President Ronald Reagan

cigarettes Ronald Regan

Just like there is no benefits (and major health risks) from drinking Coke and smoking Cigarettes, I am going to go out on a limb here and saying I am pretty sure coffee (in all it’s glory) is next on the list for sh*t that is killing us slowly, even when the world is telling us we “need” coffee in our day.

What I can see here is an advertising world that is getting better at tapping into our softer side and making us feel like we are making good choices, greener choices, fair-trade choices, and we are sophisticated if we choose coffee.





It’s all good isn’t!!!!

Until 50 years later when the research tells us otherwise.

So I decided to opt out before the research supported my theory and I don’t care if I am wrong.  I know how I feel without having to chase my next cup of coffee.

It feels so bloody liberating.

You know I am not here to preach my findings.  Just share them!

If coffee is your thing, and you don’t have an issue with it all, then keep on keeping on.

From where I sit, I know how I feel and where I want to be in 50 years to come.

In the end whether I am right or wrong the biggest take away I have gained from this experience is that my convictions are stronger than my doubts.  I do have the will power, I am stronger than my controlling thoughts and I can do anything I put my mind to.

If you had asked me seven weeks ago to stop drinking coffee, I would have come to you with all the doubts and reasons why I couldn’t possibly succeed at that task.

Oh how wrong was I.

So proud of myself right.about.now and deservedly so.



“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better”. 

~ Maya Angelou



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