The Break Up Dance

It’s not you….it’s me!

The longer you are in my life, the harder it is to reach my full potential, I need you gone and gone for good!

I can’t live with you, and I can’t live without you! I know I have tried many times before and you always seem to creep back into my life!

I think about you all the time, yet when we are together my heart pumps faster, my head starts to hurt, not to mention the delayed reaction I get in my stomach after your gone.

It’s torture to be away from you! When I am out with friends, I love having you around, you make me laugh and I never want to leave the party when you’re near!

From the minute I wake up you are all I think about.  After we get together it’s a downward spiral until the next time we meet! That sort of up and down is never good for anyones health and wellbeing.

I can’t continue along like this, I feel like you are robbing me of my ‘good years’  and I need to take back the control.

For this to work and for me to be/stay in control, you can’t live with me, you can’t live near me, and you can never visit my place!

I must not visit you ever again!

It has to be like this, there is no other way, you are a health risk to me.

I will not substitute you!

I will remove you from my life once and for all, because everything I read tells me I will be 100% better off without you.

You are not my friend, you never were!

Your motives are all wrong.  To come into my life and allow me to believe you make me feel better, it’s all lies!

You bring all your sweet sweet friends with you to entice me further, but it’s too late, I am finally on to you now!

I realise it has taken me the best part of twenty years to discover how harmful and toxic you and I are together,  and that is what’s making it painfully embarrassing to admit to my family and friends that I must break up with you!

This time I have to do it differently, I have too!

Family and friends, when you see me in the street, just give me a nod that you recognise I am on a different path now, you don’t have to ask me how I am coping without my addiction in my life.  Perhaps you could make it a tiny bit easier by trying not to tempt me when we are together.  Can you please be my support network, keep me strong throughout my withdrawals and remind me, just like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz I have always had the power to be in control of my own destiny.

I will not surrender to my addiction anymore.

I will stop drinking coffee. Correction!

29th January, 2016  one day sober strong!

What’s your addiction? What/who do you need to do the break up dance with……





prescription drugs,

soft drinks,


….they are all real addictions and most likely killing you slowly.  Be strong take back the control and release yourself from your addiction once and for all.

Leave a comment, I would love to hear all about your addictions, struggles and/or triumphs to eliminate them from your life.

Bye for now,

“When you feel like quitting: think about why you started” ~ Author Unknown


4 thoughts on “The Break Up Dance

  1. Michelle Vogelsang says:

    I had to give up caffeine in 1994, after a visit to the hospital due to severe stomach pain. I was sure the “Alien” was about to tear itself out they my guts. Turns out caffeine just really irritates my stomach.

    It was hard, but with water in hand, I persevered. 21 yrs later I have a coffee or Diet Coke when nothing else is available. Ken’s been fighting with coffee & caffeine, too. Stay strong! I know you can do it!!


    • ThePetiteApple says:

      That is so so impressive Michelle, I hope I can be 21 years on and enjoy the benefits of life without coffee messing up my insides. I think the jury is still out with regards to coffee, I reckon it is going to become the cigarettes of today. When more research is available they will discover coffee is slowly killing us! Stepping down from soap box now. Cheers Denise


  2. Amz says:

    Well said D, I believe everything in moderation is okay too. Be kind to yourself and if you feel like a coffee then it’s okay to have one (just one.. lol)

    A dear friend of mind told me she stopped exercising to be skinny and to have a beach body, and she started to exercising to nourish her body and because she enjoyed it and most of all was thankful for it.
    While she tried to be someone else or what other expected or her, she didn’t really gain anything for herself.

    Best of luck with your journey, you will get there because you want to!

    You are the strongest you have ever been today and tomorrow you will be all the better for the experience. xx


    • ThePetiteApple says:

      3 days sober strong Amz. I have decided to make it my Feb Fast and then just take it into March April May and beyond. I can live without coffee, I have to tell myself my convictions are much stronger than my doubts (can’t take credit for that – Novak Djokovic said it after a win at the tennis and I love that expression) much love Cheers Denise


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