Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Hi’ya, you right, you good ! ?

I picked up that little greeting when I was living in the UK, the mums from my daughters primary school would say it to me every morning (Hi Vanessa) – it caught me off guard every time I heard it, I never knew if it was a question or statement.

Six months ago hubby and I (really hubby) threw a curve ball at our daughters and caught them off guard too.

We were 10 months into what we thought was a 2year stint living in the UK.  Life was bloody good (except for the weather, which even the locals never get used to) Our girls had formed some absolutely wonderful friendships, I had a mix of local and expat women in my life supporting me through yet another transition, hubby had a spring in his step with work, Europe was next door, and things were humming along to a steady rhythm.

……and then,

hubby heard rumblings that changes in his business world were imminent and these changes would open up opportunities for him back home in Oz, so he/we made a family decision that life on the road would come to a close by end of 2015.

Well didn’t we get that timeline wrong!

Yup, really wrong, like 7 months wrong!

As of May 2015 we had about thirty something days to pack up and put it on a boat headed for Oz.  You can read all about it here. Logistically it is all really doable BUT we hadn’t even told the children yet.


Would you believe packing up was easy compared to the thought of sharing the news with our girls.

I knew they were looking forward to returning home ‘someday’ but when it’s not a fixed date in our calendar we can easily joke, laugh, talk and daydream about how that ‘someday’ would look without giving it too much attention.

When it’s real, IT’S.REAL!

So when we decided to tell our girls I took along the camera, 1. I had no idea how this was about to go down and 2. to distract me from getting all upset in front of our girls.  I mean this is big time stuff, almost six years travelling around from country to country, life as they knew it was one big crazy adventure and now we are telling them that was all about to change.

Ok, nuff from me, over to the video so you can have a little peak inside our world and see how our girls took the news they are headed back home to Oz.  Special mention goes to our extremely talented and tech savvy daughter Liv who managed to make something hip and modern out of the footage I captured on the day.  Head across to Life As Liv and give her a thumbs up if you like her work.

Til next time,

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” 
~ Terry Pratchett


2 thoughts on “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  1. The Messy Sister says:

    Oh that wonderful! What great experiences you all have had with traveling and making new friends. I’m sure you all are so happy to be home! I’m actually from Chile. Born and lived there the first 6 years of my life. Punta Arenas to be exact! Where in Chile did you all live?


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