The Aussie Polly Waffle

Just like the Aussie Polly Waffle, I went away, but now I’m back – read all about her wonderful return here.

Nothing like being missing in action and trying to get back in the saddle again (figuratively speaking – I don’t really ride, although I have been riding before and wouldn’t have a problem getting back on a horse again – Wait.What! Where am I going with this, sorry, I digress)

See, I am having trouble, real trouble, picking up from where I left off.

It’s a headspace thing.  Have you ever suffered from it?

You know that feeling when you have so many ideas running through your veins it feels like you just drunk two coffees really quickly, you are buzzing, ready to take on anything and everything and then the coffee wears off and     yo u    s t ar t to         f    e        el       l i   k    e t    h    i     s.

Bloody giddy-up Denise and DO.SOMETHING!

That is the little voice inside my head over and over again.


But when I don’t know what that “something” looks like, it’s automatic for me to throw my hands in the air and go ALL.TOO.HARD!


Sad isn’t it!!

And this folks is why I fell flat on my face within the opening credits of The Petite Apple.

Ready. Set. Splat!

Why write?

Who’s reading this anyways?

You will never earn a living from writing a blog, especially one that has no content!

People don’t care Denise, they have heard it all before!

Get your shit together and go find a real job my friend!

Wake up and smell them roses girl, you are not as funny as you think!

Phone a friend if you really need to talk to someone.

People are busy, real busy, doing stuff – you need to fine ‘stuff’ and be busy too.

………and this goes on inside my head OVER.AND.OVER.AND.OVER.AGAIN. it doesn’t let up and it is paralysing.

Crap way to live isn’t it!

Did you know that there is approximately over 1300 different quotes in about failure – that’s a lot of a quotes to put a different spin on the same shit isn’t it.

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, that would probably be my favourite.  I reckon my Mum and Dad said that one to me over and over again as a little girl growing up.

Fall over – Get up, simple really when you think about it.

So here goes……….

(seriously that would have to be the longest bloody introduction to a body of work one has ever seen – man this chick can talk, can’t she!)

…………..hmmmm, did I just see you nodding your head in agreement with me!


Well, too bad, too sad, now you have to wait for my next instalment to find out what I was going to say.

Love ya!

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.” 
Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

…..reckon it’s possible to change the teachings of failure?……

failure is good, failure is my friend, failure helps me achieve the best version of myself!

k k, bye for now!


3 thoughts on “The Aussie Polly Waffle

  1. jennifernbell says:

    Glad you are pulling yourself up to get back in the saddle.You are a star and your posts always make me chuckle! I give myself 6 months after every move to get myself together. So we’ve got until the end of the year. A lot can change in that time! Keep your chin up, you’re doing just fine.


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