I’ve got a tiny little secret to share – 1 week left (a meltdown, the queen, & another meltdown)

Wow, another week GONE!

It’s fair to say as I am writing this weeks post my head is truly truly spinning off its axle and it feels like my heart is going to burst through my chest any minute now.

In less than 24hours the packers will be here and that feeling of life being ‘so out of control’ is hard to escape or dismiss.  Life sits in mayhem for the next 5 days. Simple tasks like eating, sleeping and breathing become so laboured.

It’s ok though, once all the boxes are on the container and we are past check-in at the airport my breathing returns to normal again.

The other day I found myself  sitting in the car all.by.myself just trying to catch my breath and bring my mind back to the here & now.  I had a little meltdown.  This always happens when I project myself too far into the future, I start seeing what the next couple of days should look like and panic when I haven’t done what needs to be done in order to get to that point in time.

“Stress more or stress less, it all gets done in the end!” by me

I created this little motto when we where leaving Toronto Canada June 2012.  All the stressing and self doubting about ‘stuff’ doesn’t change a thing.  Last day in Canada “sh*t happened” stupid silly stuff – end result, we made the plane and life continued on.

So tell me, what was the point of all that wasted energy on stressing about how it would play out. Useless really!

Back to present day.

It was a slow build up this week. Friday our eldest daughter celebrated her birthday with friends (I took the easy out with this one – local Italian restaurant) She continued the celebrations across the weekend and packed in more memory making moments to take with her back home to Oz.

Ronnie's birthday w friends

PS – I get that the photo is blurred, I am keeping it real and assuming not everyone wants their faces blasted across my blog site.

Roll around Tuesday and I get invited to go see Queen Elizabeth II, do you reckon I am going to turn that one down.  Holy moly this is insane, back home in Australia if you want to see a Royal who is touring Oz you would have to camp out for at least two days and then you are not even rope side.

Here RIGHT.IN.OUR.BACKYARD I left home at 11am, set up tables and chairs right by the rope, laughed, bantered with the local Bobbies drank wine, ate  well, laughed some more, then bam 1:45pm on the dot, Her Majesty The Queen hops out of her royal car and hikes it into her royal carriage and heads across to Royal Ascot racecourse for her arrival into the arena before the first race at 2:30pm.  Never seen anything like it and probably never will.  Harry, Andrew, Charles, Camila & Anne just to name a few, AND, I was all packed up and back home in time to pick up my youngest from school at 3:15pm, bonus.

What a special day.  I was still bouncing around at 11pm that night.  Great memories, never to be repeated.

Oh but I did, lucky me got to go back two more times after that.  What a way to close off our time here in the UK with a visit from the Queen.

Down from my Royal high, I remembered I have a life to close off here in the UK.  Girls all finished school on Friday, none of them ready to say their final goodbyes – parties and meet-ups have all been planned before we fly out next week.

I think these travelling Gen Z kids can say their physical goodbyes with the knowledge that their ties may not be broken so suddenly.  All the different social media platforms make it possible to have these friends in their life for years to come if it’s meant to be.

Ok, nuff said from me today, it’s 10am Sunday morning I need to be everywhere else, I don’t need to be sitting in front of a computer (my comfort spot).


  • hubby sold his car
  • no takers for my car YET! yikes!!!!!
  • taken copies of all school transcripts for schools in Australia
  • had the trampoline packed up
  • quotes done for the end of tenancy clean (my lord that’s an expensive gig to get done)
  • hubby has packed and cleaned up the garage ready for the packers
  • I have bundled ‘stuff’ together in rooms making it easier for the packers
  • no clue where we are living or what school the girls will attend in Melbourne – can’t think that far ahead.

Stay well,

“Even when you think you have your life all mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you might never have imagined. ”   ~ Deepak Chopra


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