I’ve got a tiny little secret to share – 3 weeks left


Here we go again, another update on how we are coping with our “end of expat life” move, back home to Oz.

Those of you following along may recall my last post when I quite dramatically announced to the world that our plane has been turned around and we are headed homeward bound after living six wonderful and exciting years abroad as an expat family. Full story across here if you want to catch up with all the gossip.

With only having 5 weeks to pull this altogether, I am actually starting to realise that it is more a mindset than a timeframe which causes all the hoo harr inside my head.

After doing a Beetlejuice (crazy head spin, video here) more than once across the weekend, my hubby sat me down and offered up his best advice (wish I discovered this 11 moves ago) …….

“work with chewable chunks”

This expression really hit home for me.  When you learn to address only the here and now, and stop projecting yourself off into the future on what may or may not come to life, doesn’t it all seem to be a lot easier to mange?!  Now I just have to get hubby to follow his own advice.

On reflection this week didn’t really require to much planning and co-ordination related to our move.  This week was more about the daily stuff that happens wherever you are in the world, you know, like, feeding the kids, washing the dishes, planning lunches, talking with the girls and better understanding how they feel about the move back home.

We also hit a pretty wonderful milestone and saw our almost fourteen year old celebrate her Grade 8 graduation over the weekend – something that is very big across here at the American International School our girls have been attending.  It signifies the children moving on from their middle school years and sending them off to begin their final four years in high school.

Grad Day

Hats off to everyone involved, it was a wonderful celebration.  Kudos to our daughter for her involvement as the MC of the event, which was given to the president and vice president of school council. Yep our little shrinking violet (not!) was school president for her Middle School peers, keeping in mind she only arrived at this school 11 months ago. Very proud!

Anyways, as usual I digress.

Moving, we are moving, packing up, closing off, shutting down, however you wish to put it.  Life as we know it here in the UK will be drawing to an end in less than 3 weeks and there is nothing I can do about it.

Sure our time here has been far too short.  I didn’t see nearly enough of our surroundings,  well I got to see the important stuff (like waiting 19 years to climb the Eiffel Tower, check across here for the full story) The gods have spoken and we are needed back home in Oz, so that’s where we will go.

We got the winning ticket – destination home, so let’s celebrate.



  • Advertised my car online
  • catch up coffee with a girlfriend
  • ran around getting more broker quotes for my car – they will give me peanuts, so I need to pursue a private sale.
  • Checking out the real estate back home, no clue where we are going to settle, somewhere in Melbourne


“Worry is worthless. It can’t change the past or control the future. It only spoils the moment.”              ~  Darrin Patrick



4 thoughts on “I’ve got a tiny little secret to share – 3 weeks left

  1. Kez Clarke says:

    congratulations on your winning ticket to come back to the land of OZ🇦🇺. I can only imagine how excited Aunty Judy and Uncle Ralph are hearing this news and to be having you all back close to them. Looking forward to seeing you all again. Safe travels ✈️✈️
    Love Kez 😊


    • ThePetiteApple says:

      Thanks Kez – Please don’t wait for an invitation to come see us when we are settled – just need to find a house first, then the door will always be open. So excited to have everyone over. xx Denise


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