I’ve got a tiny little secret to share

Well hi there one and all.

I find myself needing to write a blog post about what’s happening in my life at the moment, but due to hubby’s work commitments I can’t actually put the post out into the world just yet.

So here I am sitting at my desk sharing my thoughts, not knowing when I will actually get to hit publish.  So forgive me for the lag in time.  The emotion is still real at the time of writing.

Guess what?

After almost six years living abroad, and only eleven months here in the UK, the plane has finally turned around and we are headed back to the southern hemisphere. I can not begin to explain just how excited and happy we are to finally have a one way plane ticket, destination HOME!

There is a catch, there’s always a catch.

We have 5 weeks to pack up our UK life and send it on a slow boat to Australia. ARGH!!!!!!!!

Five weeks, are you kidding me, really?

And hubby wonders why I haven’t jumped all over him for bringing home the winning ticket.  I just keep telling him I am dancing on the inside, and boy I am,  I’m doing a Saturday Night Fever deep down.

Experience tells me, I probably won’t truly start dancing and smiling and kissing the sky until we are sitting on the plane listening to the Qantas staff banter with their Aussie accents, me champagne in one hand small white fluffy hot cloth in the other. Oh yeah.

Crying now!

Tears down my face are a symbol of the stress I feel to pull it all together in time to board the plane, along with mourning the loss of this pretty fancy expat life we have been living across 3 different continents, and then there are the tears of joy knowing fish and chips Friday is back on with family and friends back home.

A random Thursday hubby returned home from a normal day at work, saying Melbourne could be on the radar.  Brilliant let’s wind up UK life in October November, home in time for Christmas 2015.

hubby says “Oh no, they are throwing around first week July 2015.”

Oh of course there are.  Let’s just put a cracker under this one and watch the wife go nuts.

Friday hubby is on Skype spreading the news back in Oz. Shit this is real, he’s not joking they really do want us home first week July.

Where are we going to live?

What schools are available for a mid-year intake, times four?

What are we going to do with our cars here in the UK, oh no I love my car – can we take it with us? short answer NO!

Oh poo, I am going to have to ‘pay out’ my phone contract, hope that’s not complicated.

Hang on I need to get in touch with international moving company’s, can they actually move us in that time frame? short answer YES! phew

Tell our girls, we need to tell our girls – I wonder how they are going to react? no brainer really! (side comment, I actually filmed when we told them – priceless, will upload video soon)


Okay, so let’s just re-cap, one week ago today hubby comes home with news we ‘might’ be headed home.  Seven days later, it’s officially we’re going home and the international movers will be here in 5 weeks to uplift our UK life and plonk us in Melbourne Australia.

Stay in touch to see how the next 5 weeks unfolds.

Check-list so far.

  • Girls UK school notified.
  • Notified landlord for early end of lease.
  • Have appointment for international moving companies to come around for quotes next week.
  • Car broker been around to give us a value for my car.
  • Advertised my car on school intranet.
  • Made some initial inquires into secondary schools in Melbourne, feedback looks promising.
  • Cancelled orthodontist appointments and stopped monthly repayments.
  • Inquired about cancelling mobile phone contract, seems easy enough.
  • Sent out an email to family back home to share the news.
  • Notified small group of mums I known here in the UK, organised a coffee morning to say thank you for their support and friendship (albeit brief)
  • Springfree people booked in to dismantle the trampoline.
  • Taken down fridge photo’s, magnets, gone through the children play desk, chucked old colouring books, loose papers, cleaning out my filing cabinet, packed up toys, stationery, and put small trinkets into plastic storage containers.

Week one down, four more to go.

We’ve got this, haven’t we?



“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”   ~ Alan Wilson Watts


6 thoughts on “I’ve got a tiny little secret to share

  1. Amz says:

    It’s going to be great to have you all home in Oz. You will always have the memories of your time away overseas which you will cherish for years to come. Everything is possible! , just stick to the list, tick it off as you go and Bam! You will be here is no time. Lots of love, Amz xx


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